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As a manufacturer we can offer our dealers a Pricing System based on "BI-Yearly Volume Buying". There is no "Buy In Fee" or "Monthly Dollar Quota Contract". You can order products, as you need them, without buying a lot of stock to tie up your space or money. Buying directly from the manufacturer eliminates the "Middle Man" which means savings for you! We also offer a "No Nonsense Satisfaction Guarantee Policy", so there is never a risk when you purchase one of our products. If your business depends on Quality Products, Affordable Prices, and Fast Turn Around for Prompt Delivery, then give us a call, e-mail, or fax us for further information on how you can become a R.E.M. Authorized Dealer. Remember, Start with R.E.M. - Finish with Quality! We look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, THE PEOPLE OF R.E.M. AUTOMOTIVE INC.

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